What do you buy?

We buy almost everything we sell. That includes comic books and graphic novels, Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering cards, Vinyl, and video games and systems. We will walk you through the price we can pay, and make sure you know what the fair market value is. We also can provide in store credit if you would prefer that (usually more than the cash value we will pay).

Do you have a subscription service?

Yes we do! Come on down and we can get you set up. Every week your books will be pulled and set into a box for you to pick up at you earliest convenience. Please note that when setting up your pull list there may be up to a 2 month delay as we order books 2 months in advance. We will do everything in our contol to not make you wait that long, but appreciate your understanding.

Do you hold events or pre-releases?

You bet! We have a full slate of events from our weekly re-occuring D&D, Warhammer, MTG, Pokemon, and Board Games, all the way to our monthly Book of the Month club meetings and Pokemon or MTG pre-release events. Kowabunga is proud to boast that we receive one of the largest allocations in the state for pre-releases (due to our amazing customers!). Head over to our events page and sign up or ask questions on anything you see.