New Comics

Subscription/Reservist System

Kowabunga will gladly start a subscription pull list for you! What is a subscription pull list, you ask? We create a profile for you in our computer system, enter in some basic information (name, email, and phone number), and then you get to subscribe to whatever titles you want. These books will automatically be ordered for you on a monthly basis when our Previews orders are due, and will be gently placed into your box when they arrive.

What are the benefits of a subscription pull box? If you have ever wanted the latest Batman book, and come into the store Wednesday afternoon, only to find we are out, then this is the solution for you! You will always have a copy!

Back Issues & Graphic Novels

We have a constantly rotating stock of back issues that are comprised of Golden and Silver Age books through today. We have many key issues, 1st appearances, and collectible books from DC, Marvel, Charlton, Faucet, Image, IDW, BOOM! Studios, and more. Bring in a list, or call ahead and let us know what you are looking for. We can also keep an eye out for specific books and give you a call should we get one in that you are looking for.

We also stock a wide array of original and collected edition graphic novels in hard cover and trade paperback form. Everything from Artist Editions to Essentials and everything in between. We specialize in hard to find trades that are no longer in print, so stop in to see what we have on the shelves!

Selling a Collection?

Have a collection you are looking to sell? We are always in a buying mood. Everything from Golden Age to current, mainline titles to obscure - we are aways interested.

What to expect when you bring in a collection to sell:

  1. We will need time to look through the contents. Initially we will look for key issues/titles, and get a sense of the overall condition. We will then begin to put a value of what we determine the value of the collection is. Once we have determined the value of the collection, we will present you with our offer. We will give you both a cash offer, as well as a store credit offer. A general rule of thubmb is that if you are looking to get top dollar for your books, we will most likely disappoint you. We will, however give you as much information as possible on your collection so that you can make an informed decision.