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Word of the day.  Long Term & Transition.  Well, that's two, but they are good ones for you!

Things are still moving forward for keeping your Comic Store in Oconomowoc.
We should have more detail late next week, and we think you'll like the news!
Hang in there.

Again, I appreciate you all sticking by us during this prolonged bit of uncertainty.
We're all in this together really.

So that said, some new additions to the stables you may want to know about:
BOARD GAME NIGHT! Changed to Sundays at 6:00ish!
DUNGEON & DRAGONS (5th ed.) Thursday Nights 6:00ish!
MTG KHANS OF TARKIR sneaky late night Pre-Release Friday Sept 19 Midnight
MTG KHANS OF TARKIR post nap Pre-release Sat Sept 20 4:00 pm!
(MTG KHANS OF TARKIR buy it by the box promos are going fast, so hurry in and place your order to ensure you get yours!)
No thanks to Alliance Games HEROCLIX Sunday Sept 6
CARDFIGHT VANGUARD Saturdays 12:00ish!


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